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Lacrosse Software for Clubs, Leagues and Teams

Our intuitive lacrosse scheduling software could help increase your revenue by 30% through space rentals, all while saving 10 hours per week on administrative tasks. Our centralized calendar is the key to scoring your winning shot!

Managing all your lacrosse field reservations should be a walk in the park. 

But there's a problem...

A lack of visibility means you can't efficiently manage a large number of fields.​

You can’t control access to your lacrosse facilities remotely.

You waste time collecting payments due to manual invoicing processes.

You can’t easily collect and analyze data on field usage and sales.

Your lacrosse fields can't be booked online.

You need to increase revenue from your lacrosse facilities but can’t see a way.

Here's how we can help...

Discover the benefits of SportsKey for lacrosse scheduling. Our software simplifies the process, makes scheduling effortless and impressive for your audience. See our standout features below.

Increase Your Revenue

With 24/7 online bookings and payments, you’ll soon see your revenue increase.

No More Chasing Payments

Implement pay-as-you-go for bookings so you never chase a payment again.

Easy Automations

Automation tools save you time and money, such as automatic invoicing.

Manage All Facilities

Supports an unlimited number of facilities for external bookings.

Remote Access

Provide access to your lacrosse facilities remotely for out-of-hours training and games.

Get Key Insights

Generate insightful reports on usage and revenue in just a few clicks.

Hear what our customers are saying...

"The software is very easy to use. The internal scheduling tool has saved us hours of admin each week!"

- Philip Piech, Regis University

These customers are loving using our lacrosse league management software:

Discover the benefits of SportsKey for softball scheduling. Our software simplifies the process, makes scheduling effortless and impressive for your audience. See our standout features below.

Brennan Williams Image.jpg

“This software is a no-brainer for any school. It’s made my life simple.”

Brennan Williams
British International School of Chicago, USA

sara feloney.jpeg

"SportsKey is a must for any high school. We have saved hours a week on scheduling and managing our sports facility rentals."

Sara Feloney, BC High, Massachusetts, USA

Peter Paladino.jpg

"SportsKey is a definite game changer"

Peter Paladino,

Bishop Guertin

Untitled design (56).png

See how we whip your calendar into shape with our lacrosse management software.

With easy online access and extra flexibility, we're here to help you regain your time.

Hustle, hit, never quit with SportsKey’s Lacrosse Software.

You don’t have to leave everything on the field with SportsKey's cutting-edge lacrosse management software. Whether you're juggling field reservations or getting players ready for the pitch, we've got all the tools you need to dominate the game.


Easy Booking:


Empower players, coaches, and fans to reserve court time effortlessly with our user-friendly online booking system. Avoid double bookings, maximize court usage, and enhance user experience with our automated features.


Simplified Management:


SportsKey isn't just about scheduling; it's about simplifying your role. Access forms, waivers, invoices online, with flexible payment options, so you can spend less time on admin and more time on the field.


Effortless Coordination:


Efficiently manage instructor coaches and private lessons across various lacrosse activities. Display availability, assign coaches, and send reminders automatically to ensure everything runs like clockwork.


Exceptional Support:


Whether you manage lacrosse fields or other sports facilities, our 'Basic' plan includes super-fast email support. 


Upgrade to 'Pro' for Live Chat, a dedicated Customer Success Manager, and expert onboarding. 


Plus, features like 'pre-registration' and 'request only' can be added on for an extra layer of convenience.


At SportsKey, we're committed to improving your lacrosse facility management journey. If you encounter any hurdles or have any specific concerns, our sales team is here to listen. Book a demo today, and let us show you how we can lighten your load by streamlining administrative tasks. 

Here's how to get started.

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Discovery call & demo

Tell us about your lacrosse facilities

Our expert will diagnose how our scheduling software can help

We’ll customize a demo and walk you through it


Start using SportsKey

Enjoy dedicated customer support

Peace of mind with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Start maximizing your revenue potential


Try it for yourself

Try our solution for free with our tailor-made free trial.

Join our 30-day Kickoff Program to get trained by our onboarding team

Make sure it's the right fit for your LAX facilities

Venues around the world using our software.

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Looking for a hassle-free way to manage all your lacrosse bookings?

Product Features.

A plan to fit your venue's needs, complete with a 30-Day Guarantee.

Online public calendar

Pay-As-You Go

Split Facilities

Unlimited Administrators

Online bookings

Request-Only Bookings

Customer cancellations 

Mobile friendly


Facility Limit


Flexible Hours & Rates


Promo Codes

Slot Watch

Insights Reports

Audit Trail

Custom Fields

Document Uploads

Multi Venue

Facility Groups

Pre Registration






Live Chat



Dedicated CSM

Additional products:

Remote Access Control & Floodlights

Events & Classes Bookings


What is lacrosse software?


Lacrosse software is an all-in-one sports facility management software.  It's there to help you schedule practices, events, and resources for lacrosse clubs, leagues, and teams - all in one convenient place.


How does it benefit sports facilities?


This software makes sure there are no scheduling clashes, makes the most of your resources, and lets you see what's available in real-time. Plus, it helps keep track of coach schedules, private lessons, and all of your volleyball programs.


Can I customize schedules for different volleyball activities?


Absolutely! Our software lets you call the shots and customize schedules to fit the game plan for lacrosse practices, matches, tournaments, and any other exciting events you've got lined up.


Is it mobile-friendly?


You bet! You can make moves on your lacrosse schedule, book field time, and manage activities on the fly, all from your smartphone or tablet.


Can I track usage and availability in real-time?


Totally! Our software gives you the play-by-play on field usage and availability, so you can make game-time decisions with confidence.


Can I handle bookings and payments online?


For sure! You can easily book field time, sign up for lacrosse events, and make payments online through the platform, making life easier for both coaches and players.


Can it manage multi-field facilities?


You betcha! Our software is like a pro at managing facilities with multiple lacrosse fields, making it easy to schedule and allocate field space for maximum efficiency.


How do I create a lacrosse field schedule?


It's a piece of cake! Just log in, pick lacrosse as the activity, choose your date and time, and add any extra details to finalize the schedule.


How do I manage payments for lacrosse activities?


No sweat! You can set up payment options, keep tabs on transactions, and send reminders as needed to make sure everyone's in the game and ready to play.

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