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The all-in-one platform designed to make managing your council’s sports facilities easy.

Sports facility management, online booking and access control software for Councils. Reduces admin, increases participation and revenue, while providing Councils with key health and wellbeing data.

Managing your council's sports facilities should be easy and not overly time consuming.

But there's a problem...

The community can't find and book your sports facilities online.

Your sports facilities often lie idle during the day or weekends.

You can’t open or close your sports facilities remotely via access control.

You’re swamped with booking enquiries by phone and email.

You can’t get key data on usage, occupancy and health and wellbeing.

The seasonal allocation of pitches to local clubs is a nightmare.

Here's how we can help...

At SportsKey, we help Councils to maximise the use of their sports facilities and get more people playing sport locally.

Security and Lights

Give your customers access to your facilities with custom access codes.

Usage & Insights Analytics

Get key usage and occupancy statistics with our insights and reports.

Pitch Allocation

Automate your pitch allocation process with our online allocation portal.

Mobile Friendly

Manage your council's sports facilities anytime, anywhere.

Accept Online Bookings

Accept bookings online 24/7 with our easy to use booking system.

Easy Invoicing & Payments

Accept online payments through our secure payment portal.

Pitch allocation software

Allocating Council pitches to clubs and collecting payment should be easy.
But there's a problem...

The application process and allocation of pitches every year is incredibly time consuming

Chasing clubs for payment is a nightmare.

Once the clubs have been allocated the pitches, you have no data on their usage.

Members of the public can’t see when Council pitches are available.

Club members can’t easily see who is using the pitches.

Clubs rely on spreadsheets and WhatsApp to manage the usage on their pitches.

Our pitch allocation solution

The application process and allocation of pitches is done through one easy to use system.

Clubs can pay their fees online, within the platform.

You’ll get key usage data for maintenance and reporting purposes.

The public can see the availability of the pitches online

Our unique “Pitch Management” software can be used by the clubs to manage their pitches

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We have built a unique cloud-based “Pitch Allocation System” specifically for Councils. The application process, allocation of pitches, payments and the collection of key usage data can be done in our all-in-one platform.

Why should you move to an online pitch allocation platform?

Every year or in some cases, a few times a year, Councils allocate their playing pitches to local Clubs. This involves emailing the application forms out to Clubs, asking the Clubs to fill them in and send them back, requesting documentation such as copies of Insurance and signed forms, etc. This is cumbersome and time consuming both for the Council and for the Club.

Hear what our customers are saying...

"The pitch allocation system has been a great success. It has made it so much easier to allocate pitches to clubs and it's saved us a huge amount of admin. We are now also starting to get key usage data, which is great for maintenance purposes."

- Fiona Hendley, South Dublin County Council


Security and Floodlights

Opening and closing your sports facilities shouldn't cause hassle.
But there's a problem... 

You're paying someone to open and close your facilities.

You have to manually turn off and on your floodlights.

Your grounds/maintenance/security staff can’t easily see who is using your facilities

Due to staff availability, you're operating on limited hours.

Your changing rooms are often left untidy at the end of a match or training session.

The keys are constantly getting lost or stolen.

Our remote access and floodlights solution

A unique access code will open and close your sports facilities remotely – no keys needed.

You can open your sports facilities on whatever hours you want.

The flood lights will turn on and off automatically with the access code.

Photos of untidy changing rooms used by customers can be uploaded.

You get to approve all access control requested bookings.

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We've built remote access control into our platform. Now your customers can book your sports facilities online and receive an access control pin all at the same time. 

Why should you move to remote access control for your venue?

Councils are paying people to open and close their sports facilities, which is both costly and time consuming. Many sports facilities are not open because the Council either can’t find someone to open and close them (particularly during the evenings) or they can’t afford to pay them.

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