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Purpose Built Sports Center Booking Software

All-in-one sports center booking software. Saves 10 hours of admin time a week and increases your revenue by at least 30%.

Managing bookings at your sports center should be quick and easy

But these common problems could be making your life hard…

Your sports center facilities can’t be found (or booked) online.

Admin tasks are taking up way too much of your time.

Confusing systems make it hard for coaches and trainers to see availability.

You can’t open and close the center remotely.

You can’t easily collect and analyze data on usage and sales.

Manually chasing payments leaves invoices unpaid or paid late

Hear what our customers are saying...

"This software is fantastic. It has helped us streamline our soccer operations and saved us an enormous amount of time. I’d have no hesitation recommending it."

-  Aaron Nagel, Colorado Rapids Youths Soccer..

Here's how we can help...

SportsKey simplifies booking and scheduling for sports centres, so you can automate many of the tasks that are draining time and resources.

When you implement our sports center booking software, you can enjoy the following game-changing features and benefits.

Increase Your Revenue

With 24/7 online bookings and payments, you’ll soon see your revenue increase.

No More Chasing Payments

Implement pay-as-you-go for online bookings so you never chase a payment again.

Get Key Insights

Generate insightful reports on usage and revenue in just a few clicks.


Automation tools help you save time and money, such as with automatic invoicing.

Internal Schedule Management

Take control of your internal schedule with simple unified management.

Remote Access

Provide access to your sports center remotely for out-of-hours bookings.

These customers are using our facility management software to save time and increase revenue:

Zac Rubben.jpg

"Brilliant software. Helps drive our revenues and makes our lives simple."

Zac Ruben, Upper 90 Soccer Center.

download (1).png

“This software is fantastic. It has helped us streamline our soccer operations and saved us an enormous amount of time."

Colorado Rapids Youth Soccer, USA


"Excellent piece of software that has made scheduling our facilities so easy!"

Sporting Kansas City, USA.

Product Features.

A plan to fit your venue's needs, complete with a 30-Day Guarantee.

Online public calendar

Pay-As-You Go

Split Facilities

Unlimited Administrators

Online bookings

Request-Only Bookings

Customer cancellations 

Mobile friendly


Facility Limit


Flexible Hours & Rates


Promo Codes

Slot Watch

Insights Reports

Audit Trail

Custom Fields

Document Uploads

Multi Venue

Facility Groups

Pre Registration






Live Chat



Dedicated CSM

Additional products:

Remote Access Control & Floodlights

Events & Classes Bookings

Untitled design (56).png

Discover how to save time and increase revenue from your sports center facilities

Do you want to get more bookings and simplify scheduling?

Our sports center booking software is designed to ease the admin burden and get your business noticed.


Our ‘pre-registration’ feature requires customers to register before they can book and our ‘request only’ feature allows you to vet bookings as you wish – allowing you to give priority access to loyal customers and prohibit any unwanted bookings. These features can be enabled or disabled based on the preferences of your sports center.


We also provide remote access control for your facilities as well as remote floodlight controls, if applicable. With remote access, customers will be provided with a unique access code that lasts for the duration of their booking and floodlights can be turned on and off remotely.


As sports centers typically have several different areas for events, games, and matches, our software caters to unlimited facilities.


Getting set up on our system is quick and easy, and we pride ourselves on customer service. If you’re using our ‘Basic’ plan, you're entitled to quick and reliable email support. For our ‘Pro’ members, you'll have access to Live Chat and a dedicated Customer Success Manager for help. You’ll also be onboarded by one of our experts. 


We’re here to make your life as simple as possible, so get started by booking a demo today.

Here's how to get started.

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Discovery call & demo

Tell us about your sports center

Our expert will diagnose how our sports center booking software can help

We’ll customize a demo and walk you through it


Start using SportsKey

Enjoy dedicated customer support

Peace of mind with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Start maximizing your sports facility potential


Try it for yourself

Try our solution for free with our tailor-made free trial.

Join our 30-day Kickoff Program to get trained by our onboarding team

Make sure it's the right fit for your sports center

Schools around the world using our software.

school facility logos

Ready to manage your bookings with an all-in-one solution?

Frequently asked questions.

What is sports center booking software?

Sports center booking software is a digital tool designed to streamline the process of scheduling and managing activities at your sports facilities.
It allows users to book various amenities such as courts, fields, ice rinks, and more, through an easy-to-use online platform. With sports center booking software, users can conveniently check availability, make
reservations, and handle payments, all in one place.

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