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How to Make the Most Out of Your Sports Hall

Are you making the most of your sports hall? With it's multi-use purposes, you can be making significant revenue off of renting out your sports hall with the help of online bookings.

1. Accept online bookings for basketball, badminton, and volleyball games, as well as practices.

If you find your sports hall sitting idle, opening it up to online bookings for local teams and community sports groups will keep your hall busy and your revenue stream steady. Use a sports facility management and booking software to help drive revenue and keep your venue busy.

2. Rent your sports hall out for yoga/pilates classes.

Yoga and pilates classes don't just have to take place in fancy studios! Group fitness classes like yoga and pilates often need a place to rent space especially if studios aren't available or affordable, making sports halls a perfect option to host classes. Now, your community can find and book yoga & pilates classes online through your website.

3. Make your sports hall available for martial arts training and events.

Another great option for usage of your sports hall that goes beyond team sports like basketball – martial arts! Sports halls provide a great place for trainings and events, making your facility an excellent option.

4. Host community events.

Open your sports hall up to the community – for example, your sports hall could be used for fundraisers, council meetings, events for a local school, and so much more. Not only is it great for getting use out of your facilities, it also makes your venue much more accessible to your community.

Ready to get your sports hall booked online? Book a demo of our online sports facility management and booking software today.


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