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Here's why quality sports facility management software is worth the investment.

When looking for a software to manage your sports facilities, there can be a wide variety of pricing options. So what's the difference and why is it worth the investment? We're breaking it down on the SportsKey blog.

High quality software is developed in-house.

Many software platforms are outsourced for their development. This often means that when any technical issues or bugs arise, it can take weeks for any fixes to be implemented. Outsourced development can also come with high staff turnover which can prohibit consistent development and often leads to a less stable product.

When software is developed in-house, the team is typically highly experienced in the industry which leads to a reliable product that is consistently improving.

Quality software is secure.

Security is an essential component of any quality software product. Whatever software you’re using needs to be secure, particularly if you store customers’ personal information and accept payments.

High-quality software solutions will have real-time vulnerability alerting systems, protecting you from the most common security risks. It will also prevent unauthorised access and data leakage by providing multiple layers of access control.

When you rely on cheaper products, data protection tends to be an afterthought or nonexistent altogether, leaving your information and your customer’s information at risk of security threats.

Top-tier software is constantly improving.

When you invest in software, you need to make sure that you are getting value for the money you’ve spent. Many companies don’t invest in the product by developing new features or upgrading their underlying dependencies, of which there can be hundreds in a modern web application, each of which can pose a security risk if not kept up to date.

A quality platform releases new features constantly and keeps its dependencies up-to-date. It will also have a highly responsive customer service team that is always ready to help you make the most of the product and listens to your feedback.

Cheaper software is more expensive in the long run.

Choosing the cheapest software can often cost you a lot more money. With long wait times for bug fixes, potential security threats, and time spent waiting on customer service, you can lose out on valuable time and money. A cheap software can create headaches for you and your team and bring about more problems than solutions.

A top-class product ensures you get value for your money, your security is valued, and you remain using the finest product in the industry.

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