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What is slot watch and does your venue need it?

If you’re a venue that takes bookings for your sports facilities, you’ve likely had to deal with cancellations or no shows.

Cancellations can often be one of the most frustrating parts of managing sports facility bookings. When customers cancel, it’s often too late to advertise the slot to be booked again, causing your venue to lose out on revenue.

Cancellations can also cause more administrative work and hassle for your staff when customers have contact the venue to cancel and rebook their slots. Sometimes this leads to credit notes which can cause even more work for the venue.

It’s important for your sports facility management software to offer customer cancellation, where customers can easily cancel their own bookings – no hassle required. This will save time for both the customer and the venue.

One feature that’s particularly helpful for preventing a loss of revenue from cancellations is called slot watch.

Slot watch enables customers to "watch" a slot that is already booked. If the original booking is cancelled, the customer watching the slot will give them an email notification letting them know their preferred slot is now available.

This helps prevent loss of revenue for your venue, as you can now resell the slot. Depending on your cancellation policy, you can even keep the revenue from the original booking as well as the revenue from the new booking.

Here's a sneak peak into the slot watch process on the SportsKey system:

If you think your venue would benefit from Slot Watch, get in touch with our team to see if our software is right for you. Book your custom demo here.


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