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Here's Why You Need to Offer Promo Codes for Your Sports Facilities

There's no better incentive to complete a purchase when you get offered a promo code or discount, right? Here at SportsKey, we think this should apply to booking sports facilities online, too.

Today on the blog, we're breaking down why – and how – to utilise promo codes to bring more revenue to your sports facilities.

Using promo codes provides an incentive for customers to book your facilities.

When a customer receives an email offering them a promo code, not only does it incentivise them to use your venue, but it also puts the idea of getting out & booking a facility in their minds in the first place! Now they're in the mood to get out and play – not just anywhere, but at your venue.

Using promo codes encourages people to pay for bookings online.

When customers pay for their bookings online, you get paid instantly and don't have to worry about bad debts or chasing payments. By offering promo codes to your customers, you're encouraging them to pay online.

You can get more bookings during off-peak times.

Take advantage of off-peak times! If you have a window of a few hours where you don't get much traction towards your facilities, offer a promo code and limit its usage so it can only be used during that specific time.

Here's an example of how you can create promo codes for specific days and times with our sports facility management software:

You can engage specific segments of your customer base.

Have a type of customers you'd like to bring towards your facilities? For example, you'd like to get more community rugby teams to come to use your pitches. Offering them an exclusive promo code will encourage them to book your venue and will make them likely to return again and again.

Interested in checking out this feature of our sports facility management and online booking software? Book a demo today to try it out!

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