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Should your club be using an internal management system?

Trying to manage your club's training sessions and matches can be a hassle if you're using methods such as diaries, shared calendars, text threads or email. Far too often details can be left out or issues such as double bookings can arise.

If you're facing the above problems, it could be time to move to an internal management system for your club. Here are some of the benefits:

You can move away from email & WhatsApp threads.

You might currently communicate important dates and details through a WhatsApp group or emails, but these can often get lost among several messages and are easily missed. With an internal management system, you can put your training sessions and match dates into the system's calendar for your club to refer to regularly.

Managing multiple bookings can now be simplified.

Most training sessions occur regularly on a weekly basis. Keep these recurring bookings simple by setting them up as Block Bookings in an internal management system. This will automatically set up your bookings to occur on the same time and day for as many weeks as you'd like.

You no longer have to worry about double bookings.

When you have multiple teams or groups training at the same time, things can get complicated and often lead to double bookings. With an internal booking system, you can split facilities so each team or group can make their own bookings. For example, your Senior team can train on Half 1 of your All Weather Pitch and your Junior team can train on Half 2. Both teams will be able to make separate bookings for their half of the pitch.

Do you think your club could benefit from an internal management system? If so, we're here to help. Book a demo to see if SportsKey is right for your club.


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