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Here's Why You Need to Start Accepting Online Bookings for Summer 2021.

Summer 2021 is here, COVID restrictions are lifting, and everyone is eager to get back to sport. It will come as no shock when phones ring off the hook and emails pour in with inquiries about booking your facilities.

To save you from being overwhelmed with administrative work and to increase your revenue during this busy period, making online bookings available is key. Today on the blog, we’re identifying 3 key reasons why online bookings are critical for sports facilities this summer.

Online bookings will increase your revenue.

These days, almost everything is available to be booked online – restaurants, hotels, flights, you name it. So why can’t your sports facilities be the same? Simplifying your booking system by bringing it online takes the hassle out of the process and makes it easy to get booked in seconds, 24/7.

Online bookings will save you time.

You shouldn’t have to field phone calls and emails all day with inquiries about booking your facilities. By being available to be booked online and displaying an online availability calendar, people can go onto your venue’s website and see what slots are available to book, and then book in right away. Not only does it save them time and encourage them to book by making the process simple, but it saves you time that you would have had to use to answer phone calls and emails with booking enquiries.

You’ll get usage insights from your facilities.

By having your customers book online and put in their information and number of participants, you’ll be able to automatically track the usage of your facilities. This provides you with adequate reporting that can help inform maintenance decisions as well as revenue projection.

Ready to start accepting online bookings? Try out our sports facility management and online booking software. Book a demo here and start your 14-day free trial.


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