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Here's why your venue should offer event and class bookings.

If your venue has a fitness studio, a pool, a gym, or a full-sized football pitch, offering event and class booking is a great way to increase your revenue. Setting up bookings is simple and easy, and it opens up your venue for more opportunities to earn money.

Today on the SportsKey blog, we're breaking down how your venue might benefit from utilizing this feature from your sports facility management software.

You can take advantage of off-peak times.

By offering event and class bookings at your venue, you can make the most of your facilities when they're typically lying idle. You can do this by hosting summer camps, fitness classes, or coaching courses. For example, if workdays in the summer aren't typically busy, you can offer a children's football camp and accept registrations online.

You can accept bookings for your pool and gym.

By using a platform that accepts event and class bookings, you can set up your pool and gym to be booked like you would for a fitness class. Customers can book their preferred lane in your pool in advance or you might offer open gym sessions that can easily be booked online. This is a great way to keep things organized for your venue and keep track of your occupancy levels.

You can host conferences and events.

Does your venue have classrooms or meeting rooms that are typically empty or not used to their full capacity? A great way to earn revenue from these spaces is to host a local conference or event. Visitors can simply book their slots online and can easily be checked in for the event in the system.

By hosting camps, courses, events, and classes at your venue, you can fill up idle spaces, increase your earnings, and keep your community active.

Interested in SportsKey's classes & events feature? Get in touch with our team here.

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