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Managing government sports facilities just got so much easier.

Do you find it hard to manage your locality’s sports facilities? Whether it comes to bookings, pitch allocations, or maintenance – it can be difficult to keep things organised in one place. That’s why we worked with South Dublin County Council to create an online Pitch Allocation system for the county’s local football clubs.

With the new system, clubs in South Dublin will be invited to register and submit their annual application forms all online. Clubs will be issued a link to their allocated pitch allowing them to book time slots within their own club for the various team games throughout the season.

This will save the county and clubs time, eliminating the need for various spreadsheets or shared calendars. It also helps SDCC keep track of key data and reporting for facility usage.

You can read more about the technology we provided here. If you’re interested in setting this up for your council sports facilities, you can book a discovery call here.


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