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Here's why your sports facilities aren't getting booked.

If your sports facilities are lying idle, there could be a few mistakes that you might be making. We're here to help you keep your venue booked and busy, so read on to see why it might not be as busy as it could be… and how to fix it.

You're only accepting bookings by phone call or email.

When you rely on phone calls and email booking inquiries, you're really limiting the amount of bookings you can take. When you accept bookings online, customers can book 24/7 – not just when someone is around to take their call or email. It also simplifies the process for the customer, making them more likely to book multiple slots.

You're not maximising off-peak times.

It's no surprise that sports facilities are at their busiest in the evenings and weekends, when a majority of people are off work and looking to get active. But you can still make the most of the daytime by promoting your venue towards specific groups. For example, university students tend to have more free time between classes. Advertising to students to come use your facilities at a discount will keep your venue busy. Emergency workers, retirees, and youth camps are also great opportunities to utilise off-peak times.

You're not broadening your offerings.

It's common to simply offer your pitch for football and rugby, or your sports hall for basketball and badminton. But there's a lot more you can offer that will attract more people to your venue. Ultimate frisbee, walking soccer, quidditch (really!), martial arts, Crossfit, yoga/pilates classes, and dance are all unique offerings that will make your venue stand out.

You're not marketing your venue.

The term "marketing" can seem overwhelming, but there's a few steps you can take to market your venue that require little to no hassle at all. Utilising social media is a great place to start – make sure you have social media accounts for your venue (such as Instagram and Facebook). An easy to use website is key, with a "Book Now" button to bring people to your venue's booking page. You can even spread the word by putting up flyers in your local community centre advertising your offerings or offering advertising opportunities to local businesses.

Ready to take your sports facilities to the next level? We've got the resources you need to keep your venue booked and busy. Try a free demo of our sports facility management software here.

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