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5 Best Sports Facility Management Softwares in 2024

Managing a sports facility without dedicated software can lead to significant challenges for your high school, college, or organization. The administrative burden of handling multiple calendars, scheduling events, and maintaining equipment can quickly become overwhelming This often results in errors, inefficiencies, and excessive back and forth emails and phone calls that complicate communication.

Sports facility management software offers a solution to these common issues. By centralizing scheduling, bookings, and communication, it reduces administrative load and minimizes the risk of double bookings or missed opportunities. With features like real-time updates and analytics, you can efficiently rent out your facilities, maximize revenue, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


Ditch Google Calendar and save 10 hours per week on admin?          


Overview of the 5 Best Sports Facility Management Softwares in 2024

Overview of the 5 Best Sports Facility Management Softwares in 2024

Below, we’ll look at the best sports facility management software, including SportsKey, SafetyCulture, EZFacility, Mindbody, and SportsBiz. 

We’ll compare the stand-out features of each, and cover which tool is most suited for different roles/sports within sports facility management. 

We aim to help you find the right software to streamline your operations, reduce administrative workload, and maximize revenue opportunities. 

Sports Facility Management Software

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Starts at $24.95/month

SportsKey empowers sports facility managers to effortlessly handle bookings, optimize schedules, and enhance user experience through a user-friendly platform. 

From facility reservations to event planning and member communications, SportsKey simplifies it all.

Clients who use this sports facility management software often see at least a 30% increase in revenue. The platform's optimized scheduling and resource allocation contribute significantly to this boost.

Accessible anywhere, anytime, SportsKey supports single-session bookings, recurring classes, and event management. You can easily manage sign-ups, apply promo codes, and accept online bookings and payments in seconds, making the process smooth and efficient for everyone involved.

Pricing: Annual License

What are the benefits of using SportsKey?

Real-time insights: Custom sales and usage insights for your venue. Easily download and share reports with your team to make data-driven decisions.

Increased revenue: Your venue can be booked online 24/7, making you money even while you sleep.

Easy invoicing & payments: Accept online payments through our secure payment portal, simplifying the payment process for you and your customers.

Save hours each week: Reduce administration by keeping everything you need in one place, streamlining your operations.

Usage & insights analytics: Get key usage, occupancy, and sales statistics with our insights and reports, helping you optimize facility use while maximizing income.

Online availability: Show the availability and prices of your facilities, making it easy for users to book online.

Remote access control: Access your venue and manage lights remotely, providing convenience and efficiency on the go.

SportsKey is a must for any high school. We have saved hours a week on scheduling and managing our sports facility rentals.”

Sara Feloney, BC High, Massachusetts, USA

Upper Hand enables sports facility managers to optimize their operations with comprehensive tools for scheduling, booking, and resource management. 

Beyond these core functions, this sports facility software allows you to manage and sell your pro shop merchandise with real-time inventory tracking and automated quantity alerts. 

Users can also build memberships that offer lesson credits, event discounts, retail perks, and more, making it a top choice for sports coaches and trainers.

Pricing: Basic package starts at $28 per month. 

What are the benefits of using Upper Hand?

Scheduling: Make it easy for clients to schedule training sessions within your availability.

Payment processing: Collect payments via credit card, check, cash, and more.

Resource management: Manage your bookings and available spaces in real time.

Staff management: Let staff manage their availability and automate payroll calculations.

Contact marketing: Send emails to your client database to market new programs.

Pro shop management: Manage and sell pro shop merchandise with real-time inventory tracking and automated alerts.

Data & Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your business with powerful analytics tools.

“Scheduling is very easy to use in this software. Since we started, the software has improved tremendously and is a great tool for a baseball & softball training facility. The software is easy to use, and very user-friendly. “

D-BAT Solon 

EZFacility's sports facility management software simplifies the scheduling and management of fields, courts, leagues, tournaments, teams, coaches, and memberships. 

The solution allows businesses to set up recurring schedules for their trainers and instructors, establish commission and pay rates for each, and provide individual logins for trainers.

It allows you to streamline your facility's operations, making it easy to manage rentals, leagues, registration, events, invoicing, payments, and more. 

Pricing: Contact EZFacility for detailed pricing information.

What are the benefits of using EZFacility?

Online registration: Allow players to register for leagues, tournaments, camps, and clinics online, with access to forms, waivers, and payment history.

Coach & lesson scheduling: Manage league and tournament scheduling, providing real-time schedules, registration, stats, and standings on your website.

Billing & payments: Track all revenue sources, including packages, memberships, and point-of-sale items, in one system.

Sports facility scheduling: Use a color-coded calendar to view availability, create reservations, and assign staff.

Check-in & memberships: Scan members, manage client profiles, collect dues, and verify registration status with branded player cards.

Point of sale: Speed up purchases, control non-recurring revenue, and allow payments via ID card scanning.

“Our customers love the ability to view their schedules and track team standings, and it’s so simple to use.”

Sebastian DiTommaso, Farmington Sports Arena

Want to simplify bookings, staff scheduling, and client management? Mindbody is here to help. 

From gyms and yoga studios to sports complexes, Mindbody offers all the tools you need to keep your operations running smoothly. 

With over 52,000 businesses using Mindbody, it's the trusted choice for fitness and wellness facilities everywhere.

Pricing: Contact the vendor for pricing information. 

What are the benefits of using Mindbody?

Generate more leads: Save time and keep clients engaged with customized templates and automated processes that handle the work for you.

Motivate your team: Keep your staff organized and efficient with integrated tools for scheduling, performance reviews, automated substitutions, and payroll - all in one place.

Give your clients the power of choice: Provide easy booking options across multiple platforms, from your website to the Mindbody Marketplace, accessible on any device.

Take control of your calendar: Manage a single schedule for staffing and booking, with real-time updates to classes and appointments across all touchpoints.

Track your success: Access detailed metrics and analytics to see how your business is performing, enabling you to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Create your app: Enhance your member experience with a custom-branded app designed by Mindbody, without the hassle of development.

Within 12 months of our opening powered by Mindbody’s software, MVP’s second location made 250% more than the first location that launched without Mindbody over a comparable time period.

MVP Dance Fit 

SportsBiz offers a comprehensive range of features to assist with every aspect of sports facility management, especially when it comes to managing sports students. 

This software enhances communication among your employees and students by providing a single platform for emails, texts, timetabling, online registration, scheduling, and billing or invoicing.

With SportsBiz, you can discover and target the best sports assets to maximize your facility’s potential. 

Pricing: Starts at $24.95 per month for up to 50 active customers.

What are the benefits of using SportsBiz?

Customized branding: SportsBiz allows you to maintain a consistent brand image across all digital platforms, making it easier to attract and retain clients.

Client management and engagement: From tracking attendance and managing memberships to sending targeted communications, SportsBiz helps you build strong, lasting relationships with your clients.

Payment processing: Accept payments on any device with SportsBiz’s integrated payment processing. Whether it's online, in-person, or through mobile apps, you can handle transactions smoothly and securely, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your clients.

Efficient scheduling: Manage bookings, staff schedules, and facility usage in one place, with real-time updates.

Data-driven insights: Access detailed metrics and analytics to track your business performance to make informed decisions.

Scalable solutions: Whether you’re managing a single facility or multiple locations, SportsBiz adapts to your needs, making it easy to expand your business.

It has been fantastic at getting our franchised business onto a streamlined booking platform that integrates with our website and accounting package. Each business had its own account and the national business can support with easy access to each franchise plus it's great having ThinkSmarts customer support service.” 

Wrapping up

Throughout this guide, we've reviewed the top sports facility management software options available in 2024, each offering distinct features to different types of businesses. 

Managing a sports facility without dedicated software can lead to challenges like scheduling conflicts, administrative overload, and communication breakdowns.

Among the top contenders, SportsKey shines for its ability to optimize revenue through efficient booking and scheduling while enhancing user experience. With real-time insights, easy invoicing, and remote access control, SportsKey helps reduce administration headaches and boosts profitability.

If you believe SportsKey aligns with your facility’s needs, it's worth exploring further. Book a demo today to experience firsthand how SportsKey can revolutionize your sports facility management.


What is a sports facility management software?

Sports facility management software is a digital platform that businesses use to help you run sports facilities. This software can assist with handling booking, scheduling events, managing facilities like gym equipment, and training employees. 

What are the key features of a sports facility software?

The essential features of sports facility management software include:

  • Asset management: Track and manage your facility’s equipment and resources to ensure everything is in optimal condition.

  • Communication tools: Enhance communication among staff, members, and clients with integrated email, text messaging, and notification systems.

  • Inspections: Easily conduct regular inspections and maintenance checks to improve the safety and quality of your facilities.

  • Data: Collect and analyze data on facility usage, member engagement, and operational efficiency.

  • Billing and invoicing: Simplify financial transactions with automated billing and invoicing, ensuring accurate and timely payments.

  • Membership management: Efficiently manage member information, track attendance, and handle memberships.

Why do I need a sports facility management software?

Sports facility management software is essential for efficiently running your sports facility. 

Here are a few reasons why you need it:

Efficient operations: This software allows you to reserve and prepare facilities in advance, moving all procedures online to reduce paperwork and minimize scheduling conflicts.

Improved customer experience: Automated notifications, updates, and reminders keep staff informed about safety protocols and other guidelines, making it easier to coordinate tasks and deliver high-quality service to your clients.

Enhanced security: The software manages access to facilities, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter..

Overall, sports facility management software helps you keep up with the evolving demands of sporting events, simplifies daily tasks, and enhances customer satisfaction.

What types of businesses should use a sports facility software?

Whether you run a small, single-sport facility, a large multi-sport complex, or multiple locations, investing in sports facility management software can be highly beneficial for your business. The best software is customizable, so it can adapt to your specific needs and requirements, helping you manage your sports business more efficiently.

How does a sports facility management software enhance customer experience and satisfaction?

Sports facility management software improves customer experience and satisfaction by simplifying scheduling and registration with easy-to-use online booking systems, making the process quicker and more convenient for users. 

It offers secure payment options, allows access via mobile devices, provides personalized services, and ensures efficient communication between your team. 

How can a sports facility software optimize facility usage and increase revenue generation?

Sports facility software helps you optimize your space and boost revenue by simplifying scheduling and bookings. It reduces no-shows with automatic reminders, provides secure and easy payment options, and gives you useful insights through data analytics. This helps you make better decisions, target your marketing efforts, and manage resources efficiently, leading to higher profits for your facility.


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