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Are your sports facilities losing out on revenue?

Far too often, sports facilities lie idle during the day and are losing out on potential revenue. Many venues aren't maximizing the use of their sports facilities due to a few simple mistakes. We want to help you make the most of your sports facilities, so have a look at these common issues and find out how you can solve them.

You're not taking online bookings.

If you're still relying on customers to book your facilities through email or phone inquiries, you can be losing considerable revenue. When you make the move to online booking, customers will be able to easily see your venue's availability at a glance and book online instantly – and not just within business hours. Now, you can make money while you sleep.

You're relying on cash or invoices for payment.

Cash is a method of the past – it's unreliable and challenging to keep track of. Many venues also have a long list of debtors because they rely on invoicing and many customers do not pay on time.

By accepting credit card payments for your bookings, you have a reliable source of revenue. It's also easier for the customer and ensures that you are instantly paid the full amount every time.

You're dealing with no-shows. No-shows are one of the most annoying issues that sports facilities have to deal with far too regularly. When groups call or email to book a slot and are expected to pay cash on arrival, there is no real penalty preventing them from not showing up & paying.

When you take payment in advance or automatically debit the group that made the booking, the risk of having no-shows is greatly reduced. You an also offer slot watch to further increase your revenue.

You don't offer promo codes.

Promo codes are a great way to keep your facilities from lying idle by encouraging customers to come at off-peak times. If you have a window of a few hours where you don't get much traction towards your facilities, offer a promo code and limit its usage so it can only be used during that specific time.

Ready to start maximizing the revenue of your sports facilities? Book a demo to see if SportsKey is right for your venue.

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