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Are You Maximising Your School's P.E. Department?

Exercise and sport are key elements to a well-rounded education, which is why P.E. departments are so essential to schools. We’re breaking down the best ways to maximise your school’s P.E. department so you can provide the most value to your students and local community.

Collaborate with local businesses for sponsorships and partnerships.

If there’s one thing schools can always benefit from, it’s resources. Collaborating with local businesses is a great way to not only connect with your local community, but to gain valuable resources for your department. You can offer advertising space on team uniforms or at your local facilities in exchange for financial support or supplies such as new footballs or goalposts. The businesses benefit by increasing their brand awareness and you benefit by providing even more value to your students.

Host local events at your facilities.

A great way to get community support for your department is to offer up your facilities for local events. Whether it’s hosting local council meetings or fundraisers in your sports hall or providing your pitch for a local tournament, you are gaining community recognition for your department and the resources you provide.

Utilise social media.

Boost awareness for your school and department! Social media is an excellent tool for connecting with your colleagues, students, and locality. You can provide updates regarding your program and your facilities, and you can also connect with nearby school’s to see what their department is up to.

Open up your facilities for online bookings.

A great way to get a steady stream of income for your school and department is to offer up your facilities to the community for online bookings. Whether it’s a local 5-aside or an established club, your facilities can be put to good use and earn revenue 24/7. Use an intuitive online booking system (like ours!) to make it simple and easy for your facilities to get booked anytime, anywhere.

Interested in making the most out of your P.E. department’s facilities? Book a demo to try our sports facility management and online booking software, the perfect tool for schools.


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