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Are You Getting Insights From Your Sports Facilities?

If you work in the world of sports facility management - whether you’re a local council, a school, or a club, for example - you’re likely responsible for gathering data and insights on the usage of your sports facilities. But how do you get that data, and why is it important to do so?

Usage Insights are key for keeping your facilities maintained properly.

If you don’t have adequate numbers on how often your facilities are being used and by how many people, you won’t be able to properly maintain them. Particularly when it comes to pitches or facilities that can generate a lot of wear and tear, you’ll need to have accurate numbers. Otherwise you could be not putting in enough maintenance for them, or perhaps you could be doing too much and accruing more costs than needed.

Usage insights are helpful for COVID tracking.

Knowing how many people have been using your facilities and when is essential when monitoring the potential transmissibility of COVID within your venue. When you require users to confirm how many people will be present at your booking, you will be able to adequately contract trace when needed.

Get reports & understand your data visually.

When you use an online booking system and sports facility management software, you’ll be able to automatically get insights on the usage of your facilities. Systems (such as our software) will be able to take your booking data and provide insights in spreadsheets as well as visual representations such as charts and graphs. The more specific your customers can get about the amount of people playing and time spent at your venue, the more accurate your data will be.

Ready to start tracking the usage of your facilities? Sign up for a free trial of our sports facility management and online booking software to gain valuable insights for your venue.


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