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Why remote access control is the next big thing for sports facilities

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Remote access control is becoming a major feature in many businesses worldwide. Known for its security benefits, access control can allow or restrict access to a building, room, or area. However, access control doesn't have to be limited to just office spaces or brick-and-mortar businesses. Remote access control is now gaining momentum in the world of sports facilities.

How often do you deal with lost keys? Have you ever had to call up a member of your staff to unlock your facilities? Do you run the security risk of leaving your facilities open?

If you have had to deal with any of the issues brought up in these queries, it looks like access control could be a solution worth considering for your sports facilities. Access control limits the need for physical keys - offering solutions such as keypads with unique access codes, swipe cards, fobs, smartphone access, and more.

Access control provides an ease of access to anyone related to the premises. For example, if your sports facility has multiple changing rooms, referee rooms, or storage rooms, that requires several sets of keys. With remote access control, all that is needed is the code, swipe card, or whatever means of remote access you're using.

This system also provides the benefit of enhanced security. With access control, you'll be able to keep track of who comes and goes from your venue. Anyone who has access to your sports facilities will have been approved by or registered with your venue. You'll also be able to reduce the risk of theft with controlled access for trusted individuals.

Access control also eliminates the need for a member of staff to be on the premises to unlock and lock the facilities. When you rely on a person's physical presence, you're limiting the availability of your facilities based upon when you can have someone at your venue to open and close the facilities. With remote access control, customers can use a unique access codes (if you're using a keypad based system) that last for the duration of their booking. You can then increase the availability of your sports facilities to be booked and used, you'll eliminate the cost of hiring someone to manually open and close your facilities, and you're getting the benefit of enhanced security.

Customer example: South Dublin County Council

SportsKey had the opportunity to launch remote access control at South Dublin County Council's (SDCC) Old Bawn Pavilion.

SDCC wanted customers to be able to book the brand new pavilion and its changing rooms, referee rooms, and storage spaces. When booking the pavilion, the customers would be given free access to the neighbouring pitches.

We implemented a unique remote access and online booking solution that would benefit both the Council and the local community. When groups want to book the pavilion and its pitches, they simply book their slot online for their desired date and time. Then, they are emailed a unique 4-digit access code that accompanies their booking. The access code only works for the duration of the booking (with a small buffer period after to allow for forgotten items), keeping the facility and the players' items inside it secure. When the group arrives onsite the day and time of their booking, they simply enter the code into the keypad at the door and the pavilion is unlocked.

This system allows SDCC to monitor the usage of their facilities, giving them key data on how many participants are using the facility and for how long. This data helps SDCC maintain their facilities based on how much usage and wear they are getting.

SDCC's remote access control solution also increases the safety of their facilities thanks to the time-sensitive unique access codes. This eliminates the concern of unauthorised users entering the premises. It also completely eliminates the need for someone to physically lock and unlock the pavilion for each booking. If you want to learn more about this, you can listen to our team chat about our access control program with Newstalk FM's Bobby Kerr here.

Does your venue use remote access control? Tell us why or why not!

Interested in bringing a remote access control and online booking system to your sports facilities? Get in touch with us here to learn more!

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