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Adding Sports Schedule to Google Calendar? There’s a Better Way.

Tired of juggling sports schedules with Google Calendar? Learn now how SportsKey can simplify your life with real-time updates and seamless integrations.

For many of us, Google Calendar is part of our daily planning. It's perfect for setting up meetings, reminding us of upcoming events, and keeping our lives meticulously organized.

However, for those who work in sports or whose lives revolve around various sporting activities, you might find that Google Calendar can sometimes fall short.

Ever tried merging your work meetings, personal appointments, and favorite sports events into one streamlined calendar? From syncing issues that leave you checking multiple calendars to a lack of customization options, the process can be more of a hassle than a help.

Here’s the good news - there are great alternative solutions out there for you. With the help of a solution like SportsKey, problems with your Google Calendar will be a thing of the past. This solution isn’t just another calendar; it’s your new 24/7 admin assistant - or more professionally an all-in-one solution for sports facility management - to make sure you never miss a moment of the action.

Read on to learn why switching from Google Calendar might just be the change you need.

How to add sports schedule to Google Calendar:

google calendar sports scheduling.png

If you’re looking to add sports to Google Calendar, the process is pretty straightforward but requires a few simple steps.  

On your computer, open Google Calendar.
At the top right, click Settings   Settings.
Under “Add calendar,” click Browse calendars of interest.
Scroll to the “Sports” section.
Select a sports category.
Check or uncheck the box next to a sports team to add their game schedule to your calendar.
This feature is handy for keeping track of game days directly within your personal or work calendar, but it's important to note that it relies on updates from Google and may not always sync immediately or reflect last-minute changes. 

For sports enthusiasts or those managing sports facilities, this method might lack the flexibility and real-time updates necessary for accurate scheduling and management. 

If you need more flexibility or real-time updates for managing sports schedules, keep reading to see how SportsKey can resolve common Google Calendar issues

Learn how SportsKey makes Google Calendar problems disappear:

Before we dive into Google Calendar's limitations, let's discuss who will benefit most from our sports facility management software.  


SportsKey is specifically designed for high school, college and university athletic directors, as well as sports club facility managers. It's built to simplify how you manage your sports schedules, offering a leap beyond traditional calendar restrictions.


For those in charge of coordinating games and practices, SportsKey brings reliability and efficiency that are crucial for effective sports management. 


It ensures timely updates and clear, conflict-free scheduling, so you can focus more on enhancing the sports experience rather than getting bogged down by administrative tasks.

#1: Integrating Multiple Calendars

Managing multiple calendars in Google Calendar can be challenging, especially when it comes to integrating and sharing them effectively. 

For starters, your primary calendar is your go-to for all things scheduling, fully visible when others need to snag a spot in your busy day. 

But what about secondary calendars? 

They're great for managing personal or specific schedules without cluttering your main view. However, they come with a catch - they're not visible when others view your primary calendar, leading to those dreaded double bookings!

Sharing your work-related sports and facility scheduling calendar should be easy, but if you've used Google Calendar, you know it can sometimes be anything but. Difficulties with integration and clunky sharing settings can leave everyone out of sync.

That’s where a sports facility management software like SportsKey comes in. It’s designed to simplify the way you manage multiple calendars by combining them into one efficient, easy-to-navigate platform. Plus, it empowers coaches by giving them the ability to make scheduling decisions, which can significantly lighten their workload.

Tanika Golota, Assistant Director of Athletics at Lake Forest Academy shares how SportsKey transformed their scheduling process: 

"I was doing the bulk of our scheduling manually through Google Calendar. With multiple internal calendars to manage, the process was tedious, time-consuming, and often led to confusion and miscommunication. I wanted to ensure we were being transparent with internal staff as to availability, but I didn’t want to filter through a hundred emails a day! " she explains. 

Switching all bookings online enhanced their operational efficiency and reduced administrative headaches, making scheduling easier and control over their revenue streams straightforward.

Investing in a scheduling solution that’s tailored to the fast-paced needs of an athletic department frees up your time for more important tasks. 

#2: Double Bookings Mishaps 

Ever found yourself double-booking a court or a training session because Google Calendar couldn't keep up with everyone’s updates? This is one of the biggest pitfalls of not having an integrated calendar. 


Without real-time syncing and clear views of overlapping schedules, mix-ups are almost inevitable and can cost your business money - not to mention annoy your customers.


SportsKey addresses this issue head-on. Providing a unified view of all schedules  ensures that there are no accidental overlaps and avoids double bookings that could potentially disrupt your operations.


Our sports facility software not only reduces the administrative burden but also maximizes facility use and, subsequently, revenue. Optimizing your scheduling ensures that every slot is used effectively, increasing the overall efficiency and profitability of your organization, school, or university


Take Carmel College, for example, which previously struggled with a tedious, paper-based system that limited its booking options. By switching to SportsKey, the college now manages bookings in just 30 seconds.


“SportsKey is so easy to use for our customers. Having it set up on my phone enables quick and effortless bookings. Customers appreciate the option to pay for their sessions on the day, rather than having to pay upfront. This feature has encouraged more advanced bookings and increased customer engagement “ shares Paul Morgan from Carmel College. 


“It’s easy to use, fully transparent, and provides full control over the revenue stream. The daily revenue dropping into our account has made a significant impact on our operations”. 


Investing in a solution like SportsKey not only organizes your time better but also significantly improves your revenue opportunities by making better use of available resources and improving customer satisfaction.


Who knew calendars could do all that? 

#3 Unreliable Support 

Have you encountered syncing errors or technical glitches while using Google Calendar and felt frustrated with the lack of direct support? It’s a common issue. 

That’s exactly why SportsKey focuses on providing accessible and responsive customer support. 

Our goal isn't just to fix problems - it's to enhance your scheduling and sports tracking experience, making it as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Take it from Kevin S., who's been using SportsKey daily in his sports organization:

"We are very pleased with the performance of the SportsKey platform. It suits our current needs very well which involves the assignment of field times to our internal and external programs. The customer service is also excellent - when you have a question the SportsKey customer service Team is always quick to respond. The SportsKey team is also proactive as they are continually adding or updating features that add additional product value."

Kevin rates his likelihood to recommend SportsKey as 9 out of 10. 

It goes to show that having responsive support makes a big difference!

#4 Syncing Issues


Imagine trying to add your work-related sports or facility scheduling calendar to Google Calendar, only to find that the syncing just doesn't keep up.


It’s a common headache for many, where updates lag or don’t show up at all, forcing you to constantly double-check entries manually.


SportsKey tackles this problem directly by ensuring that syncing is not only immediate but also accurate. With SportsKey, the details are handled seamlessly, allowing you to engage fully in every moment, on and off the field.


#5 Falls Short for Sports Managers


Google Calendar might be a star player for general appointments, but when it comes to the world of sports scheduling, it often misses the mark. 


One of the main issues is that it's not designed to handle the ins and outs of sports scheduling such as managing different facilities, tracking equipment usage, or coordinating team availability.


SportsKey on the other hand, is built specifically for sports organizations, schools, and colleges.


It provides a dashboard that not only schedules games but also keeps tabs on your venue’s usage, updates you with personalized insights, and even handles the stats on facility bookings. 


You can easily access usage reports and share these insights with your team at the click of a button, all within the same platform.


SportsKey transforms the chaos of sports management into a streamlined game plan, providing a solution that Google Calendar simply can’t match. 

Is it time to re-evaluate your sports scheduling tool?


If you're constantly struggling to manage your sports and personal schedules in Google Calendar, you're not alone. 


Many find that it just doesn't quite meet the specific needs of an athletic director or facility manager. If this sounds familiar, it might be time to explore better options like SportsKey.


SportsKey is designed with sports management in mind. It offers enhanced efficiency, communication, customization options, and features that allow you to work smarter. This isn't about replacing one tool with another; it offers a solution that truly understands the unique challenges you face in your role.


If you're tired of the limitations that come with general scheduling tools, SportsKey presents an adaptable alternative that could fit your operational needs perfectly.


While Google Calendar works well for general use, the unique demands of sports often require more specialized tools. 


Why not explore your options? You might discover that tools like SportsKey provide the specific features and flexibility needed to reshape how you manage your sports engagements and facilities. 


If you’re open to seeing if a change could make scheduling smoother and more intuitive for you, speak to a member of our team. We’re here to walk you through what SportsKey can do for your business. 

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