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Access your sports facilities.
Anytime, anywhere.

SportsKey's remote access and floodlight solution.


Are you wasting time and money opening and closing your sports facilities?

Opening and closing your sports facilities and turning off and on your floodlights can be done remotely, but this isn't always the case. Do you face any of these challenges?

You're paying someone to open and close your facilities.

You have to manually turn off and on your floodlights.

Your grounds/maintenance/security staff can’t easily see who is using your facilities

Due to staff availability, you're operating on limited hours.

Your changing rooms are often left untidy at the end of a match or training session.

The keys are constantly getting lost or stolen.

Here's how our remote access control can help your venue:

A unique access code will open and close your sports facilities remotely – no keys needed.

You can open your sports facilities on whatever hours you want.

The flood lights will turn on and off automatically with the access code.

Photos of untidy changing rooms used by customers can be uploaded.

You get to approve all access control requested bookings.

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Why should you move to remote access control for your venue?

Sports facility venues are paying people to open and close their sports facilities, which is both costly and time consuming. Many sports facilities are not open because the venue either can’t find someone to open and close them (particularly during the evenings) or they can’t afford to pay them.

Download our FREE remote access control guide!

Learn how to set up remote Access Control at your venue!

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Here's How Remote Access Control Can Help Your Venue

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