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To help the world to play more sport.


It's our mission to help 20 million people play sport by 2024 because we make it easy for our customers to move their sports facilities online.


Billions of dollars are spent every year on building and maintaining sports facilities all around the world. BUT many of these facilities are not used and lie idle during the day. Meanwhile global obesity levels are rising and more and more people are not taking exercise or engaging in sport. 

We believe that if it were easier for people to find and book their local sports facilities, more people would play sport.  That's why we've created a system that makes it easy for our customers to move their sports facilities online.


With our easy to use software, we've made it simple for venues to manage and promote their sports facilities online. This results in saving them time, increasing their revenue, and getting more people playing sport in their communities.

Meet our leadership team.


Craig Bewley

Chief Executive Officer

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Craig co-founded SportsKey out of a passion for sport. He has a strong track record of starting and growing businesses in both the Sporting and Academic Sectors over the past 19 years. He is passionate about making the best sports facility software so that more people can play sport.


Thilo Rusche

Chief Technical Officer

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Thilo leads the technology team responsible for product development and engineering infrastructure. He has over 20 years experience developing software for technology companies in Germany, the US and Ireland. 


Hugh Gill

VP of Sales

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Hugh leads the team for our national and international sales. He once represented Dublin GAA at senior level and has also picked up a few All Ireland Club medals with his club St Vincent’s, so he knows his way around a sports facility.

Ready to move the booking of your sports facilities online?